A Cool Thing you Shouldn’t Miss: Pasta cooking class with Chef Fitzsenry


Aaron Fitzsenry, Assistant Chef of BUDS and revered culinary ally of BlogDH, has done it again. Next Sunday, February 8 at 3 p.m., Chef Fitzsenry is leading a FREE pasta cooking class in the Ratty Bakeshop. Whether you find yourself culinarily-inclined, or simply eager to learn a new skill to impress your roommates with, this afternoon in the kitchen will undoubtedly be informative and delicious.

Secure a spot for the upcoming class by filling out this form. If you do not get selected for this first course, don’t be discouraged – there will be four classes this semester, and your name will remain on the list for the following classes if the pasta gods are not in your favor this time.

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La, La, La Brunonia: February in music, at a glance

Ah February, the month of love. BlogDH is here to let you know about all the newly released baby-making albums and steamy live shows to take your boo to. Fair warning, by the time it’s too late to make a dinner reservation, tickets are probably sold out.

As far as the 14th goes, you have two options for shows in the area. You could go to Boston’s Brighton Hall and see Phox, or you could stay local and see Michael Franti at the Met. Phox played Newport Folk Fest this summer and they’re basically NPR’s folk darlings. They’ve just wrapped up a tour opening for the Head and the Heart, which stopped in Providence. I had the pleasure of going, and the displeasure of almost constantly being sandwiched between couples in the crowd. Despite the friendly, “They’re like my brothers!” vibe the lead singer gives off, this is not a concert you want to bring your friend to. Bring anyone you want to Michael Franti, though; this song is too catchy for things to ever get awkward.

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The actual mottos of American universities

Stuffy old Latin phrases don’t mean much anymore. Check out these updated mottos, designed to truly encapsulate the essence of prominent American colleges in a modern era!

Stanford University

Stanford Logo

Official Motto: The wind of freedom blows

Actual Motto: Seeking front-end developer with at least five years of experience in Java, HTML, and Ruby 


Harvard University

Harvard Crest

Official Motto: Veritas

Actual Motto: Just a university up in Cambridge, you may have heard of it


Yale University

Yale Logo

Official Motto: Lux et Veritas

Actual Motto: Harvard 2: Return of the Veritas

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(Campus)Lifehacker: Orange creamsicle floats at the Ratty

For those who feel a little sick after their 100th consecutive delicious waffle cake for desert when dining at the Ratty, try a delightful, refreshing alternative: the Ratty orange creamsicle float. Here’s how you make it:

1. Grab a glass. Grumble to yourself about how ridiculously small the Ratty cups are compared to the V-Dub’s normal-sized ones.

photo 1-1

2. Go to the soda machine that dispenses Fanta, located to the back left of the Ratty. Fill it up halfway.

photo 2-1

3. Get some vanilla soft serve, located in the Bistro section. Grumble to yourself how the ice cream is so inconveniently located from the Fanta machine, and how walking/exercise is the worst.

photo 3-1

4. Put the vanilla ice cream in the orange soda. Grab a spoon, stir it up, and enjoy!

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What we’re reading

Another semester, another heavy course load, still no time to read the news. We still got you. 


The New York Times‘ “Searching for Sex” aims to answer elusive questions about American’s sexual behavior using, among other things, online searches.

A Germaphobe’s Guide to Buying a Metrocard,” from Next City, is, in fact, a germaphobe’s guide to buying a Metrocard. But it is also a case study on how we organize public transportation and how we will continue to do so in the future.

As if you wanted to read or see more about #DeflateGate. Well, if you do, there’s The Atlantic‘s roundup/social commentary piece: “#DeflateGate: A Sports Scandal That’s Full of Hot Air.”

To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This,” in The New York Times, uses psychology and an anecdote to look at whether or not we can manipulate people into falling into love.

The Atlantic‘s “Why I Am Not a Maker” is a fascinating cultural critique of tech culture’s obsession with creation, a look at who this philosophy empowers and what systems it reinforces.

And in a saddening account, New York Times columnist Charles Blow recounts the story of his son, a third-year student at Yale, being held at gunpoint by a Yale police officer in “Library Visit, Then Held at Gunpoint.”

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A brief guide to Senior Scramble

The dead of winter immediately after holiday sweets may not seem like the ideal time for romantic intrigue, but for some of the student body, bulky coats and indoor dates are going to have to do.

Snow suits

An outfit that could never fail to stir the heart

For the uninitiated, “Senior Scramble” describes the phenomenon that occurs when a student (hereafter referred to as the Scrambler) beginning their last semester of college realizes that they live in a place full of interesting and attractive people who are close to the Scrambler’s age and part of their social circle (if only loosely), and that this utopia will cease to exist for the Scrambler within five months’ time. In response to this alarming realization, the Scrambler must throw caution to the wind and act on any attractions they have harbored but never had the courage to pursue. Senior Scramble is a social adrenaline rush; the knowledge that you’ll never have another chance to talk to that unfairly attractive person you had a class with sophomore year is galvanizing. We can’t all be the cure for Alex Turner’s January blues, but we can do something about our own. Here are a few tips and recommendations to help you get in the correct mindset for this semester.

(Note: I’m assuming your crush is single, or that you have no knowledge of their relationship status at all. If you’re attempting to get Jessie’s girl, that’s an entirely different game. I don’t feel I can wish you good luck, scoundrel, but I won’t wish you ill fortune either.)

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