Winter [read: George R.R. Martin] is coming to Brown


If you know me at all then you know my not-so-secret secret: I am obsessed with Game of Thrones. In fact, I was so depressed after the culmination of Season 3 that I read the entire A Song of Ice and Fire series. And for that reason I tell you with great reluctance that the series’ author George R.R. Martin is bringing his mass murderer self to Brown on October 23. He will appear, along with distinguished publisher Tom Doherty, to receive the Library’s inaugural Harris Collection Literary Award. The presentation and subsequent interview will occur in Salomon 101 at 7 p.m.

Why would I be reluctant to tell you this, you might be wondering? Am I not excited? That’s just it. I am so excited that as I write this I hope no one reads it so that no one thinks to get tickets. Then maybe I’ll get quality time with G.R.R.M. so I can ask him all my burning questions. (What does the R.R. stand for? Why do you kill all of my favorite characters? Is there any chance you can give my resume to the producers of Game of Thrones?) Maybe if I tell you guys not to go, then you’ll listen. So here goes nothing…

You should definitely not go to this link on Monday, October 6 at 12 p.m to reserve your spot. It will certainly not be amazing nor will the Q&A be enlightening. Seriously, you really don’t want to go. Don’t get tickets. In fact, forget this post even happened. Please.

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A Cool Thing You Shouldn’t Miss: Ethical Inquiry’s look at nude photo scandals and privacy rights


The Philosophy DUG’s lunch series, Ethical Inquiry, is hosting a presentation and discussion tomorrow that will delve into the complexities of celebrity nude photo scandals and privacy rights.

When you hear about X celebrity’s most recent nude photo release, do you feel compelled to explore the dark depths of reddit and 4chan trying to find it? Do you feel guilty, as though you’re invading another person’s privacy? Or is it that person’s duty to be more responsible with their personal lives and activities? How are these laws of guilt or fault defined? Ethical Inquiry believes that “leaked” photo scandals violate privacy rights, and they’ll give you free Kabob and Curry if you stop by JWW 501 tomorrow at noon to hear why.

The expectation of privacy through any form of media may very well be a lost cause. Nowadays, if you take a naked selfie, or any other kind of picture on your phone, that picture is most likely going to be saved to your iCloud. So, if Anthony Weiner or Miley Cyrus or whoever else has chosen to share their precarious pictures with the populace, knowingly uploads them to an accessible database, are they not compromising their own privacy?

This event is completely student run, and the presentation will be led by Hannah Begley ’15. She hopes to see the discussion take on a roller coaster of ideas and concepts including, but not limited to, “sex tapes and revenge porn!” If you’re free at 12p.m. tomorrow or just happen to be strolling by JWW, you should check it out. It’s porn and free curry, come on. Oh, and ethics too.

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Live Blog: Prospects for Peace After Gaza

Flog Daily Herald: Rain

To state the glaringly obvious: it is raining (or was raining, depending on when this is published). And while I like thunderstorms on Facebook as much as the next girl, this weather is putting a serious damper (pun intended) on my day. There are infinite reasons why rain is at best inconvenient, and at worst a total, utter life-ruining disaster, but here are just a few:

1. Laundry

It has now rained two days in a row, which means I have now wasted two perfectly good pairs of leggings. They are both too wet to wear again for the next few days, and too dirty with rain chemicals (idk, I’m not a scientist) to be worn again ever until they are washed. Should this weather continue, or should I decide to go to the gym (but why would I), I will be forced to sacrifice even more articles of clothing to an untimely death by rain. Lucky for me, I have a virtually unending supply of black leggings, but even this stock will eventually run dry (another pun), and I will be forced to do laundry. This will cost me not only at least $3, but, even more valuable, at least an hour and a half of my time. If it weren’t for rain, I could surely make it at least 8 weeks without ever washing my clothes. I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again.

2. Umbrellas

It will forever elude me why people continue to uphold the societally-shared illusion that umbrellas do anything. Umbrellas cover, maximum, 3 inches of your head. The rest of your body is still exactly as open to the elements as it would be if you just wore a hat. If anything, I think my legs get wetter when I use an umbrella due to water runoff. Moreover, umbrellas somehow have the unique ability to turn the most intelligent and able-bodied people into the walking blind. You know how large your umbrella is, so please account for that when you walk by someone. Yes, hitting someone in the face with your umbrella is kind of funny, but also kind of makes you an asshole.

3. When cars drive through puddles and you get splashed.

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but truly nothing is worse. Granted, this happens to me far less in Providence than back in Chicago, but sheer PTSD from past, drenching experiences forces me to walk at least two feet from any curb at all times when it’s raining. Each time I am forced to cross the street and a car drives by, I brace my entire body for the inevitable tidal wave of water. That is no way to live!

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50 thoughts all freshmen have in their first month at Brown

Believe it or not first-years (though it may still feel like a weird, prolonged summer camp to some), we’ve made it through a whole month here at Brown. Congratulations! In honor of that milestone, here are 50 thoughts you’ve probably had sometime in this past month:

1. Bye parents!
2. Wait, no, I miss you. Don’t leave me.

anigif_enhanced-17200-1403722160-7 copy

3. Ooh, I recognize that kid from the Class of 2018 Facebook group. This is weird.
4. What is with all these acronyms?
5. You are so cool. Be my friend please.
6. How does one even make friends?
7. You told me your name, but I forgot it immediately.
8. Why is it nicknamed “The Ratty,” and should I be concerned?
9. My butt is going to get so effing toned from all these stairs.
10. The water pressure is severely underwhelming.
11. Why is everyone so beautiful?

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Blogify: Teen Angst

Whether you’re Sophomore Slumping or Senior SWUG-ing, sometimes all you need is a good ‘ol dose of 8th grade angst to get you through the hard times. So crank up the volume, push a lock of hair over your right eye, and get ready to scream along with the vocal stylings of Brendon Urie. (Or dance to this beat and hold a lover close.)