If you are interested in the upcoming election, love discussing and debating politics or want to learn about current affairs from world-renowned experts — or all of the above, the Watson is the place for you! This semester, they’re holding a discussion series called “American Democracy: The Dangers and Opportunities of Right Here and Right Now!” It’s a historic election — be sure to take part and learn your stuff!

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Thayer Street Face-Off

The “I Can’t Cook Book” is the title of a never-opened cookbook that magically appeared in the living room of the apartment I share with my roommates. I assume that this book is meant for me because my roommates have no trouble cooking for themselves and getting all of their nutrients in. I, on the other hand, have been living solely on the classic college meals: eggs, pb&j, grilled cheese, Ramen, mac ‘n’ cheese and sautéed spinach (which my roommates just taught me to make). Sometimes I consume all of these things in one day, but if I’m lucky, my roommates will make extra food, and I can eat a real meal.

Coming to college, I was expecting this. My mom (whose Christmas present will be the “I Can’t Cook Book” from my apartment) cannot cook either, so my family orders out for pretty much every meal. I am close to doing this with the restaurants on Thayer. I’ve survived two weeks on my repertoire of recipes, but I don’t think I can last much longer. Everyone knows that on Thayer street, there are important rivalries to explore.

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Should we move on from the Rock Challenge?

As evidenced by the 12 Olympic gold medalists in our school’s history, Brown students are pretty goal-oriented (though we may pretend not to be) and will readily take on challenges. In fact, we are generally pretty fond of them, especially when they involve our favorite campus libraries.

[Note: for those who do not know, the SciLi Challenge entails taking a shot on each level of the SciLi. The Rock Challenge requires having sex on each floor of the Rock. The John Hay Challenge is just doing your homework — sorry. Please use caution, hydration and protection when drinking or having sex in or outside of libraries. Love, BlogDailyHerald]



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Sign up for Fall Market Shares!

Chicken Finger Friday gets a lot of love around campus, and it’s clear why. The scent of fried golden deliciousness permeates Pembroke every week. But what about Mustard Green Monday? Turnip Tuesday? Or Watercress Wednesday?

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In 1rown Town 2 they say 333 that there’s only one way in and one way out 44.

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(Don’t) Shop till you drop

Between navigating classes, settling into new housing, and maintaining a social life, the first few weeks of school are hectic and, frankly, draining.    

This is probably you right now-I know it’s me.

As someone with anxiety, the pressures of shopping period become a maelstrom of stressors triggering worries about how my decisions now may affect the entirety of my time at Brown. Only a few days into shopping period I’m already experiencing debilitating levels of anxiety as my brain crowds itself with worst case scenarios about coursework and juggling my activities.


The stress simply mounts when I look around and see that others don’t seem as overwhelmed as I am — though I realize that isn’t necessarily true.

We’re all familiar with the way our school’s character is marketed: Brown students are chill, laidback … happy. I remember touring campus as a prospective student and hearing that Brown students were rated the happiest in the country a few years prior. It’s an appealing idea, though misleading, and I’ve found that concerns about struggling while everyone else seems unfazed are very common amongst Brown students.

We’re all trying to act like we’re never more than just a little stressed about school.

But I’ve learned that it’s okay to be stressed about school, or whatever it is that’s on your mind. I assure you that other people are.

Last May, I attended an Active Minds event entitled “Am I the ideal Brown student”. This came at a very stressful period for me, right at the end of second semester. Finals were in a few weeks, and while I panicked regularly about how in the world to handle all of the studying and essay writing in my impending future, I watched my friends handle their own coursework with apparent ease.

Why do they always seem so relaxed?

I went to this discussion feeling decidedly convinced that I was not the ideal Brown student, that I stressed too much, that I should be able to handle my work with the same casual flair everyone else seemed to possess. But the more people opened up, the more I understood that I’m not the only one who worries, who feels alarmed by the work ahead of me, who doubts myself and my ability to measure up to my peers.

This year, as I trudge through shopping period, I endeavor to keep this lesson in mind. We are all stressed, and that is perfectly normal. We have a right to our anxieties, and we have the ability to work through them.

So breathe.

Some suggestions:

  • Drink a soothing tea. (Chamomile is very mild and soothes an upset stomach.)
  • Engage in physical activity to naturally improve your mood.
  • Meditation in Manning Chapel from 4-5 p.m. (available every day and to people of all experience levels).
  • Strive to reconceptualize long-term goals as a series of short-term goals — believe me, this is an easier burden to bear.
  • Engage in a level of social activity most beneficial to your academic goals and mental health-balance.
  • Get away from campus for a few hours. Take a trip to Blackstone Park or go on a walk in downtown Providence.
  • Treat yo’ self, but also remember that self-care includes staying on task so as not to perpetuate further anxiety in the future.