Introducing: Poncho, the Northeast’s sassiest weather service, to Providence

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As of yesterday morning, the previously boutique NYC weather service Poncho has expanded to Lil’ Rhody.

Q: What is Poncho?

A: A simplified weather service customized to your daily morning routine, Poncho delivers only the hard facts via e-mail or text message every morning, complete with a sassy pop culture reference and a GIF to match. Poncho aims to prepare you for your day with the simplest impression of the forecast, rather than burdening you with a bevy of indecipherable statistics.

Take notes, incoming freshmen: Blog gets weak at the knees for all things Mean Girls.

Poncho has an endearing mascot to boot: phe is a domestic animal of ambiguous genus and species wearing a “poncho” that looks oddly similar to an American Apparel hoodie.


Register for Providence-centric Poncho here and you’ll never have to worry about a (weather-inflicted) bad hair day again.  We’ll still have to live vicariously through New York to bookend our days with weather services, because it doesn’t look like anyone will be waxing poetic and scribing Providence weather reviews any time soon.

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In memory of Stephen Rodrigues


In memoriam of  their son Stephen, the Rodrigues family will be holding a casual-dress “Celebration of Life” service tomorrow, Thursday, July 31st at 6 p.m. in India Point Park. All guests are welcome. 

On Saturday, August 9th at noon, a service will also be held to honor his passing in Rodrigues’ hometown of Encintas, California at Swami’s Beach.

We send our best wishes to Stephen’s friends and family, and will continue to update the community about the charity to which donations can be made in his name. 

Tahoe, Rio Vista, Brown 020

Photos provided by Tom Rodrigues.

Campus laments the passing of student Stephen Rodrigues

Today, the Brown community received news from President Paxson that student Stephen Rodrigues has passed away. Rodrigues, who was on leave from the University and living in Providence, was dedicating his studies to the geological and biological sciences.

BlogDailyHerald extends our deepest sympathies to Rodrigues’ friends and family. We encourage the submission of remembrances and photos of Rodrigues to so that we may publish a memorial in his honor.

In her email, President Paxson reminded the student body that the offices of Counseling and Psychological Services (401-863-3476) and Chaplains and Religious Life (401-863-2344) are always available to provide support to the Brown community. 

In memoriam: Mark St. Louis ’15


In memory of Mark St. Louis ’15, BlogDailyHerald collected memories and reflections from his peers at Brown. See below for the kind remembrances they left.

I first met Mark the fall of 2012 at Friday Sob Opt when I was a new freshman on campus. I have this vivid memory of his teammates making fun of him for playing hard defense against me, even though that’s something I appreciated as a woman playing in a mixed-gender Ultimate game. I didn’t get the chance to know Mark personally after that, and when we met again during finals this past Spring for a game of hotbox, he introduced himself again to me as if we were meeting for the first time. But I noticed him all the time around campus riding his bike, tossing on the green with his teammates, always barefoot. It feels like it was just last week that I was struggling to keep up with Mark on Lincoln Field during our hotbox game. Playing frisbee with Mark was always incredibly fun and exhilarating because of his energy, and I imagine he kept everyone close to him on their toes. Everything about him seemed so bright. I bleed for his teammates, his friends, and of course, his family. I can’t imagine your loss and I hope you heal quickly. I’ll be thinking of you and Mark. 

Ileana Wu 


Mark St. Louis, I’ll never forget the first time we met on December 1st 2011, at an art closing in List – you were wearing a beautiful brown leather jacket and were jaw dropping handsome so when your beautiful soulful eyes walked my way and started speaking to me, I looked around confused for what seemed like a minute because I couldn’t believe that the hottest guy in the room, no most handsome guy I’d ever seen in my 2 years at Brown was talking to me. I immediately fell in love with your name, wit, sincerity, our African and UWC connection and came to cherish those brief awkward but honest, deep/ personal and really caring conversations we had in passing until I graduated. You were a truly sweet sweet boy with a good heart who always brightened up my day and gave me the butterflies without fail, the world is going to miss you, I miss you and deeply regret not taking more time with you. Rest in peace beautiful one- you were cherished. 

- Gladys Ndagire

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Campus mourns passing of Mark St. Louis ’15


Yesterday morning, President Paxson sent out an email recognizing the passing of Mark St. Louis ’15. St. Louis was involved in many facets of campus life, including BrainGate, a project that seeks to create technology to assist individuals living with neurological disorders, and Brown’s Ultimate Frisbee team. We at BlogDH send our best wishes to the St. Louis family and to all who knew Mark.

BlogDailyHerald is taking submissions from loved ones, friends, and family for a memorial to Mark. Please send photos, messages, or artwork to blog(at)browndailyherald(dot)com. We will publish the submissions on our site.

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What’s been happening at Brown (and in Providence!)

Summer got you feeling a little homesick for good ol’ Providence? Curious about what has been going on since you left? BlogDH is here to help. Keep reading for the low down on recent happenings on and around Brown’s campus.

Brown and RISD students compete at Solar Decathlon Europe 2014

A group of Brown, RISD and University of Applied Sciences in Germany created a house that produces more energy than it consumes.

The designers describe the structure, named the “Techstyle Haus,” as rural architecture that “not only preserves but reconstructs its natural environment.” The house utilizes solar cells embedded in a textile roof. Gone are the days of solar-paneled roofs; the 800-square-foot house has wedded form, function and style, integrating modern style elements and innovative design.

Brilliant architecture isn’t cheap. Materials needed to make the house cost $500,000. But if revolutionizing environmentally friendly design and gaining international acclaim isn’t enough of a payoff, Techstyle Haus was also featured in the New York Times earlier this month.

It is one of 25 projects on display through July 14 at the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 in Versailles, France.

Wings and Things closed

:’( (Ed: Did anyone ever actually eat there?)

Kennedy Plaza construction


The blueprint for the new Kennedy Plaza.

Beginning today (Saturday, July 12), bus stops will be moved away from Kennedy Plaza to make way for a six-month construction project aimed to transform the plaza into an efficient and functional public space in the heart of downtown Providence. The renovation is in conjunction with improvements in RIPTA service, which will include devices with screens showing real-time arrival updates.

The project, which will cost about $2.4 million, is paid partially by the city and partially by RIPTA. The center of Kennedy Plaza, which is now home to bus terminals, will be replaced by a tree-lined space. Bus stops will be located on the perimeter of the plaza.

This is the beginning of RIPTA’s even more ambitious plan to expand mass transit in Providence. Due to the construction, there is a new bus schedule, available here.

Brown and Naval War College sign agreement

Brown and the Naval War College signed an agreement on June 6 to promote collaborate research and teaching between the two institutions.

The Naval War College in Newport, RI is the staff college and “Home of Thought” for the United States Navy. Paired with the Watson Institute and their own research teams, they hope to address challenges to international security, including cyber security, nonproliferation and environmental change.

The agreement includes an annual distinguished lecture series and visiting status at each institution.

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