Die-in protest: Native Americans at Brown pre-demonstration

At 2:00 p.m today, October 9th, students dressed in red and black gathered in front of Sayles Hall on the Main Green. They laid down on the concrete for 52 minutes and 30 seconds, with still bodies and resolute intentions. Their actions paid tribute to the 523 years of resistance in the Indigenous Peoples community of the Americas. Their silence resonated as passersby made their way to class, with strong wind being the only audible noise, occasionally disturbing the cardboard signs.

When asked for the statement, Sierra Edd ’18, one of the members of Native Americans at Brown said, “We, collectively as NAB, feel that the BDH had many chances to consider not including Monday and Tuesday’s columns in their paper. In including them, there were powerful and painful implications for many students. Their formal apology is not enough; we ask for structural changes and a preventive action in the future.”

The die-in protest was a pre-demonstration for the event scheduled for Monday, October 12th, which will be a celebration of Indigenous Peoples, in the hopes that Brown renames Fall Weekend. Below is a visual record of the event:


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BlogDH Presents: the season premiere of BlogBabies

BlogBabies (noun): what we lovingly call our newest Blog staff writers. You’ve definitely seen some new bylines in the past two weeks, but who are these talented fresh-out-of-the-womb writers? Without without further ado, we’d like to formally introduce you to the cast of this season’s BlogBabies!


Kelly Carey-Ewend ’19 is a self-proclaimed attention addict who will keep talking no matter where the conversation is headed. Despite being “loud as hell,” he’s really bad at sarcasm, yet will keep you on your toes by throwing in white lies (just as a test). A potential biology concentrator from North Carolina, Kelly spends his go-to down time jamming to Kidz Bop (Vol. 24 of course) and watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. He is most surprised by Brown’s very real sports program, and you may find him chowing down on some Jo’s quesadillas while enjoying lavender incense, a “super chill” color with a “wild side,” possibly reminiscent of himself?

– Adrian Grant-Alfieri ’18


Meghan Friedmann ’17 might hail from total suburbia in Reading, Massachusetts, but she’s really more of the jet-setter type. This junior from the land of the Celtics spent her spring in the land of the original Celts, studying abroad in Dublin last semester. Now back at Brunonia, Meghan is glad to finally have the time in her schedule to settle down with us Bloginistas. Outside of the realm of prose, Meghan is a poet who was recently published in a Providence-based literary mag; someday, she hopes to publish a collection of poems that people will find thought-provoking. Meghan’s TV character of choice is Lizzie McGuire, in large part because Lizzie is able to articulate her feelings through possibly the most iconic cartoon id of all time. And this ol’ Disney Channel girl also has an affinity for life abroad!

-Joseph Hernandez ’19


All you need to know about Kyra Goldstein ’19 is that her favorite part about her high school diving team was the “lukewarm horse trough” where the divers hung out in between dives.  That, and the fact that if she were to be a TV character, she would by Bill Haverchuck of Freaks and Geeks. I’d never seen the show, but after some research, I wholeheartedly agree that Bill is awesome. Just like Kyra, Bill is a nerd who knows who he is, what he wants, and calls it like he sees it. To add to the nerd stereotype, Kyra loves doing the New York Times crossword puzzle before bed and feels happiest in a good, independently owned bookstore, but interestingly also holds a soft spot for cheesy teen novels.

-Sarah Campbell Tucker ’19

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An honest review, none of The Bull

Last night, I had the opportunity to attend a dress rehearsal for The Bull, PW’s newest production. Because the cast is so small (only four characters), it’s hard not to get invested in each character. Thomas is despised and bullied by his colleagues. He is a pathetic victim, played masterfully by Jason Roth ’17. Next is Isobel, played by Marli Scharlin ’16, the “brilliant and lythe” (her own words) executive whose true abilities lie in her ability to tear others down. We loathe Isobel but cannot help but be fascinated by her. There is also Tony, the “team leader” of the sales office. His domineering and sensual presence is indisputable; Keston McMillan ’17 is very well suited for this role. The final character to be introduced is Carter, their boss. Although she is not on stage very long, Jenn Maley ’16 deftly portrays this sneering, cold hearted bureaucrat. I was genuinely afraid.


Here are 10 of my takeaways from The Bull:

1.The intimacy of Upspace

 This performance space has redefined my notion of an intimate show setting. The black box theater is tiny, and the seats are set equal to the stage, forcing us to be engaged in the unwinding drama. Let me reiterate, this intimacy is no peck from your grandmother. It is full-frontal, inescapable, in-your-face closeness. This show does not allow for checking of phones or bathroom breaks. 

2. Importance of repetition

The Bull loves patterns. The play opens with two characters on stage and ends with the pair in an identical position. In this same thread, certain words and insults are repeated throughout the show. When Isobel tells the audience she revels in “poking and poking and poking and poking and poking” we can’t help but feel revolted.


3. Power dynamics

As mentioned above, the play begins with just two people on stage. Immediately, the blocking of Isobel and Thomas establishes the nature of their relationship. Isobel dominates the stage, exuding sexual prowess and leering at her weak counterpart. Throughout the show, these power dynamics never completely shift, but they do evolve. With the introduction of new characters, the hatred escalates. The cruelty is barely established as 1 vs. 1, before it becomes 2 vs. 1, until finally the score is settled at 3 vs. 1.

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Avec Meal Plan: Ratty Oreo Milkshake

BlogDH’s milkshakes bring all the phes to the yard Ratty.

Inspired by the always iconic Ratty Gourmet, our video team swiped into the Ratty to tackle this week’s subject: the simple, yet satisfying, Oreo Milkshake…

Image via.

Ch-ch-ch-changes: Courses @ Brown

There are a few things all Brown students can agree on. Meal plan makes no sense. BioMed windows are the best place on campus to check yourself out. The circle dance statue is weird. A quintessential fact-of-life for any Brunonian is that registration is a nightmare. We’re not just talking pre-registration, either. This goes way beyond that awful moment when Banner tells you the seminar you wanted to take is capped; no one likes searching desperately through Banner to fill up their cart, or staring at those awful red boxes that only serve to remind you how much choosing classes sucks.

The Registrar’s Office and the Office of the Dean of College have decided to make registering for classes slightly less painful by introducing the new course selection platform Courses @ Brown.

Check it out:



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Frosh-cessities: How to avoid getting sick


There are several facts of life that everyone must accept. For example, death is inevitable and college students can be–and are–gross. From the latter stems a great problem: the epidemic of flus and colds at Brown. For those of you who are specifically avoiding the post hook-up cold, Blog has you covered here. For those of you who refuse to get sick, or those who are refusing to believe you are actually sick, here are a few tips.

1. Get your flu shot.

Health Services will be offering free flu shots for students starting on October 14. They will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday through Friday in the lower level of Faunce.

2. Avoid Keeney at all costs.

Keeney is a swarming hub of germs. To be fair, it can’t be blamed. There are a lot of people in tight quarters and soap isn’t always stocked. So, to play it safe, avoid Keeney. Don’t worry if you live there, though! BlogDH has already listed the warmest places to hide. I strongly recommend the mysterious vents in front of Bio-Med.

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