Phi Beta Kappa inducts 99 seniors

Ninety-nine members of the Class of 2016 were elected to the Rhode Island chapter of Phi Beta Kappa April 20, Chapter Administrator Mary Jo Foley wrote in an email to The Herald.

Phi Beta Kappa’s Brown chapter was founded in 1830 and is the seventh oldest in the nation. The organization “encourages intellectual distinction among undergraduates by recognizing outstanding academic accomplishment in the course of a broad liberal education,” according to the University’s website.

To be eligible for election, seniors must have completed at least 28 courses in their seven semesters and achieved a minimum of 23 grades of A or S with distinction. Students must earn an additional A or S with distinction for every C they get. Students who studied abroad needed to earn a lower minimum number of grades of A or S with distinction that varied based on the number of semesters they studied abroad.

The following seniors were elected this year:

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Hillary and Bernie rallies in Rhode Island

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College: Hook-Up Central … ?

Like many of you beautiful nerds, I happened to host for ADOCH this past week. I, being myself, had no problem with it when my pre-frosh asked if it was OK if he (note: I live in a gender-neutral room) changed in the room. I remained fine with it when he added that the pants have built-in underwear (not sure if that’s cool or ill-advised) and that there would be a bare butt involved. But here’s the interesting bit: I didn’t even get to assure him that it was fine before, almost as if he were remembering something he’d forgotten, he said, “Oh, but you’re in college: You’re probably pretty used to stuff like this.”

Which brings me to a concept I’ve discussed with several of my friends, one which doesn’t actually seem to ring true: the idea that college is Hook-Up Central.

Thought I’d be eating a lot of this cake, tbh.

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Artist OTW: Pom Bunsermvicha ’16

This week’s artist of the week is filmmaker Pom Bunsermvicha ’16.

Originally from Thailand, Pom first discovered her love of film during her time at boarding school in California, where she wanted to document her life in the United States with video.

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Growlers will make your stomach growl

If you never quite filled the void in your heart and stomach left by beloved Spats (RIP), you’re not alone.

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Adoch and 4/20 collide

4/20 falls during ADOCH this year. Or, rather, ADOCH falls during 4/20, quite possibly the most important holiday for Brown students and those who enjoy a little “reefer madness” here and there.

Of course, with ADOCH come pre-frosh, as well as the parents of said pre-frosh. The race is on to see which host gets asked for weed first. Brownie points to the set of parents that ask to join the rotation on the Main Green. Double brownie points if they are with their kids.

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