U. preps for H1N1 cases

As colleges nationwide welcome back thousands of students, many schools are taking the initiative to fight off swine flu by quarantining sick students on arrival. Brown hasn’t yet established a “leper colony,” but Health Services will be handing out flu kits — complete with masks, thermometers and other medical miscellany — and has put out a list of recommendations for students in an effort to combat the worldwide epidemic, The Herald reports today.

You may have missed the campus’s first case of swine flu — it occurred in late May after many students had already left campus. Two Rhode Islanders have already died from the virus, and health officials are expecting up to half the state to contract H1N1.

But the real casualty could be fashion: the Irish hipster community has wasted no time adding the face masks to their wardrobes. If “surgical-mask chic” catches on at Brown, Health Services might just have to charge.

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