Kim ’82 inaugurated as Dartmouth president

Global health leader Jim Yong Kim ’82, tapped for the presidency of the thirstiest Ivy back in March, was inaugurated yesterday to the sound of choral arias. Proving his worth, he immediately adapted to the university’s reputation for hangover-inducing activities, urging his students to go back to bed:

“Your generation must dream, dream more ambitiously than any who have preceded you. But just to dream is not enough. You must deliver on the dream where previous generations have fallen short.”

The lullaby didn’t work, though, and the thousands in attendance — including Ruth Simmons — loudly cheered for their new second-favorite university leader. Of course, they may have been cheering in anticipation for their afternoon game of (clandestine) pong, but Kim should be okay — after all, he’s already learned the rules.

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