Here comes BrownFML. Commence procrastination.

Coming at just the right (or wrong?) time, BrownFML has magically appeared from on high to bring us procrastination, pathos and the kind of sweet schadenfreude that’ll have you laughing out loud in 00 Decibels (FYL!). Brought to us by the folks at CollegeFMLfounded by Harvard freshman Jonah Varon — and inspired by the insanely popular (and already criticized) HarvardFML, the sparsely designed site already has hundreds of posts, and appears to be growing fast. The bulk of it is, predictably, finals-focused, but it appears this time of the year brings out the wittiest, pathetic-ist, truly FMLiest in us. For example: “Someone asked me today if I was “ready” and I told her that of course I was ready for chicken finger Friday. Turns out she was talking about an exam I didn’t know I had. FML” Or: “Today, I fell asleep in a final exam, and proceeded to fart SO LOUD it woke me up. FML” Or one that strikes searingly close to home: “I spent all my time at The Brown Daily Herald, but now journalism is dead. FML.”


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