With apps up 20 percent, Admission Office calls Alumnae Hall into service

Facing a deluge of applications following the Jan. 1 regular decision deadline, the Admission Office has opened a satellite location in Alumnae Hall to handle the extra paperwork.

Temporary employees process applications in the Admission Office's satellite facility in Alumnae Hall. Michael Skocpol / Herald

Temporary employees process applications in the Admission Office's satellite facility in Alumnae Hall. Michael Skocpol / Herald

Brown expects to receive about 30,000 applications for the class of 2014, representing a 20 percent increase from last year, Dean of Admission Jim Miller ’73 wrote in an e-mail to The Herald. Final application totals are not yet available because the office is still processing paper applications, Miller wrote.

“I think there are a number of reasons why our applications are up, including specific recruitment activities we have pursued for a couple of years,” Miller wrote. “But there are also the influences of the myriad sources of information and impressions of Brown that prospective students can access like social networking sites, blogs, guidebooks, etc.”

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Early decision applications had already seen a large increase, 21 percent, from last year, The Herald reported in December.

“I don’t know yet what the application patterns are at our peer schools, so I don’t know if our application pattern is anomalous or consistent with national trends,” Miller wrote.

Brown’s news service reported Jan. 8 that the Admission Office has opened a satellite facility in Alumnae Hall, staffed by temporary employees to sort and process the applications, which fill 300 large boxes.

The applications will be read by admissions officers before Apr. 1, when students will be notified of their decisions.

Look for The Herald’s full coverage of regular decision applications when The Herald returns to print Jan. 27.

— Anne Simons


  1. alum

    Any stats available on the historic admit rate for deferred early applicants vs. “regular” applicants?

  2. Max Ginzberg

    What on earth is going on? Did the admissions office put crack in their flyers? Brown now has more applications than almost any other Ivy League school except for Cornell, and certainly the most per capita.

    I demand answers!

    —A Penn student, who is now re-thinking turning down Brown, although still not really, but maybe kinda

  3. alum

    You turned down Brown in favor of Penn??!?!?!

    Wow. Just, wow.

  4. John

    Yes, any serious person would. “Open curriculum” is a joke and a sad statement on our times…

  5. Michael

    I would turn down Penn for Brown in a heart beat…If I applied.


  6. current student

    Pfff; what a troll!
    What admission rate does Penn have again? 16%? Compared to Brown this admission rate is close to community college, haha.

  7. Christopher

    did you see the rise in apps for U Chicago??? They got hit hard too.

  8. Wise Owl

    John said: ““Open curriculum” is … a sad statement on our times…” Today’s Brown curriculum is more than 40 years old – not exactly newfangled – so just what “times” are you referring to? It seems to have worn pretty well over the decades. Brown keeps on attracting amazing students and graduating hugely successful (and happy) alumni. Maybe you have to go here to realize just how great this place is. Oh, and not be a curmudgeon.

  9. Jose Ranier

    Harvard also received about 30 000 applications this year. This suggests that Brown may have the second lowest admission rate, just after Harvard! I think that the financial aid, the common application and the fact that Brown staff has been actively participating in those admissions tours around the country ( with Yale and the University of Chicago ) have raised Brown’s profile…

    Penn sucks BTW

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