10:21 pm WOW. Ok — time for FishCo?

10:15 pm – Plagiarizing yourself? Really?

10:13 pm – Time to appeal to the women. Yeeeaaaaahhhhhh

10:10 pm – Way to just BOUNCE out of your chair there, Nancy. Beating Joe to the punch every single time.

10:07 pm – What are those glass bottles sitting in front of Nancy? They look a little suspicious.

10:05 pm – Where’s Michelle? Flash to the crowd! Flash to the crowd!

10:03 pm – Sent from a concerned reader: “WTF is with all the neon????”

10:00 pm – We see you looking at your watch, Joe.

9:59 pm – Almost an hour and still no Kanye interruption.

9:56 pm – Dear President Obama, Here’s how you can really help us: Pick our classes for this semester.

9:54 pm – Joe looks like he’s uncomfortable in his chair. I think his legs fell asleep. QUICK BREAK.

9:50 pm – Smile and nod, smile and nod.

9:49 pm – How come only Joe gets a glass of water?

9:47 pm – If you’re good at following rules, you probably can’t even read this anymore.

9:41 pm – UPDATE: PAULY D IS STILL NOT AT FISHCO (we think).

9:40 pm – Do the wave!

9:38 pm – “partners play by the rules” — that’s what she said.

9:37 pm – President Obama, Imma let you finish…

9:32 pm – You wanna know what’s uncomfortable? Joe Biden’s awkward clap.

9:31 pm – But you are Washington.

9:30 pm – BREAKING NEWS: CNN has already issued three Breaking News updates.

9:29 pm – Is there one congressman responsible for screaming while the rest of them clap?

9:27 pm – DO NOT WORRY. The world of Facebook knows that we’re live blogging.

9:25 pm – Sending out resumes every week? Sounds like being a college senior. Shout out!

9:24 pm – Peeps look mad bored. Maybe it’s time to whip out the Blackberries and start playing BrickBreaker.

9:23 pm – Twitter doesn’t know yet that we’re live blogging. SOCIAL MEDIA: HEAR US ROAR.

9:19:30 pm – You flash those pearly whites, Joe.

9:19 pm – Hate is a very strong word.

9:18 pm – Awkward almost clap, Biden.

9:17 pm – Well, it had been a while since the last bout of applause.

9:16 pm – What do they share? Tell us! Tell us!

9:15 pm – Well OBVIOUSLY the letters from the children are harder to read. They have bad handwriting.

9:14 pm – The outfits on the right side of the room are a little monochromatic.

9:14 pm – Yeah, that tie is great.

9:13 pm – Lookin’ good Joe. Lookin’ good.

9:12 pm – Doesn’t the very definition of the word “progress” mean that it’s inevitable? Can we get a dictionary check up in here?

9:11 pm – If you’re not playing our drinking game, you should be.

9:10 pm – ENOUGH with the buffering.

9:09 pm – Is there a mob outside? Oh wait — they’re still just clapping.

9:05 pm – It’s really cute! It’s like Mardi Gras!

9:04 pm – “Ooooh, I like the guy next to her’s tie!”

“Which guy? You mean Joe Biden?”

“Oh, is that Joe Biden?”

your editors, ladies and gentlemen.

9:03 pm – Nancy Pelosi. LOOK AT HER. LOOK AT HER. SO adorable.

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