From College Hill to Haiti, with love

Up until news of the terrible earthquake that hit Haiti broke just over a week ago, most of us were living in somewhat of a removed vacation world. But the news of the earthquake was a harsh reminder that it was time to snap out of it and step back into the real world. Haiti needs all the help it can get in rebuilding—homes are lost, people are getting sick, families have been broken up, and a startling number of children have been newly orphaned. All around the world, people have been lending a helping hand to Haitians. Countless newscasts and big events like George Clooney’s telethon “Hope for Haiti Now,” have raised awareness on a large scale, and here on College Hill, both Brown and RISD have coordinated relief efforts. It’s imperative that we all do what we can to help, whether it’s volunteering to work at a bake sale, attending a concert that sends money to Haiti relief funds. After the jump, how you can help here at Brown.

A bake sale and information table will appear on campus, and a donation drive is in the works (although apparently Partners in Health has had to put a freeze on accepting supplies so whether or not the donations drive will occur is up in the air, as PIH is where the donations were set to go.) On Friday, February 5, at 8:00 PM, the school’s a cappella groups will put on a concert entitled “Brown A Cappella Stands for Haiti.” There will be a $5 donation fee at the door. There will also be an event entitled “Open Mic for Haiti Relief” at 7:00 PM in Salomon 101Saturday, January 30. Each of these events will raise money and/or supplies for Haiti relief, and many are still in need of volunteers.

For more information on these events, please visit Brown’s relief website or the Haiti Earthquake Relief Effort @ Brown facebook page.

Other useful and interesting resources:

Anderson Cooper’s blog —Anderson Cooper has been covering the earthquake since it hit. Since it may be hard to sit down and watch TV here, check out the blog.

Partners in Health —PIH is an organization co-founded by Brown alum Paul Farmer. They do incredible work and having been working in Haiti for over 20 years, as their homepage shares. Their blog is also very informative and interesting on news about Haiti and the aftermath of the earthquake.

Hope for Haiti now —webpage for the fundraiser, including links to each of the organizations donations it receives will go to
— Thea Aguiar

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