Talk of the Brown: SOTU edition

Welcome to BlogDailyHerald’s new feature, in which we accost random students and ask them to expound on various issues of importance or lack thereof. After the jump. a freshman, a sophomore and a junior opine on the State of the Union (assuming they could remember it)

Alex Unger ’11Unger

I think one of the most surprising things was that he didn’t say “the state of the union is strong.” For the last 10 years the president has always said “the state of the union is strong” at some point in the speech. Last year it was one of the last sentences. Prior to that it’s been one of the first sentences of the speech, and this year it was left out completely. So it was very interesting to see that in a time that we’re not doing so well that the president didn’t lie to us and say “yeah, the state of the union is doing really well.” He’s actually telling the truth and saying “we have a lot of issues to work through, and here’s how I’m going to start working through them” and doesn’t sugar-coat it with saying “the state of the union is strong.”

Aaron Regunberg ’12

“Obama got real feisty. And that’s what he needed to do.”

Mary Reilly ’13

“Obama as always has done a great job in motivating the American people. But I think one of the issues I had with the State of the Union address last night was that he very much … he further deepened the divide between democrats and republicans… by criticizing republicans on so many levels and their actions in the past couple years and that is probably going to be an issue in the future.”

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