Ask Gail: DADT edition

Contrary to popular belief, Ruth Simmons is not the most lovable personality on campus. And in the never-ending Ratty vs. V-Dub debate, the Ratty has one thing the V-Dub can never get.

Yes, you all know her and you all love her. It’s Gail.

Gail McCarthy, lifelong Providence resident, has been a staple of Ratty life for the past six years. She’s brightened your day, one card swipe at a time. Now, every week, we will take the most controversial news stories and throw them out to Brown’s most beloved BDS employee.

This week: Obama’s call to end the highly criticized “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

We asked Gail her opinion. Here is what she thought:

“I think that is wonderful. It’s taken way too long. Nobody should be judged whether they are [gay] or not. Everybody’s a human being first.”

Well said, Gail!  Think about that next time you go to the Ratty.

— Ana Alvarez

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