Cup o’ (Pro)Jo, 2/2/10

For those who have never perused the illustrious pages of Providence’s very own beacon of journalistic awesomeness or just haven’t gotten their Projo news fix du jour, here’s your daily recap of the most recent, and most interesting, stories.

Good news for tofu-lovers, jello-abstainers, and Ratty vegetable melange enthusiasts alike.  Looks like Galaxy Nutritional Foods, “a national producer of vegan food products,” is moving its corporate headquarters to Lil’ Rhody.  Bring on the vegan tofu pups!

Stephen Beale, a Brown alum and president of the ironically named nonprofit Foundation for Intellectual Diversity, is fuming about Brown’s inviting a co-founder of ACORN to speak at next Tueday’s Brown Bag Series lecture.

Brown’s MSex and FemSex now have a local counterpart in Pawtucket’s new Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health.  The center will provide “sexual counseling to adults” and presumably, a titillating array of table slips.

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