Brown is the new black: From Russia with Love

Did you know that Women’s Wear Daily once ranked Brown the most fashionable school in the Ivy League? After the jump, the first installment of Brown is the new black, our new street-styles feature.

Say goodbye to the typical North Face hats – this season is all about the Russian style. Instead of wearing those black hats that make people look like they’re about to go to a convenience store, students have chosen to keep their heads warm with fur. Some have opted for a stylish furry headband that seems to belong to the last days of the Russian grandeur.

Others, like Kathryn Birky GS, have decided to wear the emb-lematic “Ushanka,” or a fur cap with earflaps. By pairing it with a black trench coat and black tights, Birky pulls off a polished yet edgy look. To make the outfit her own and to lighten it up, she adds a yellow-leather tote that subtly matches the spots in her scarf.

The fur invasion, however, doesn’t stop there. RISD’s Elsa Wallenberg ’11 exchanged puffy jackets and windbreakers for a cozy brown fur coat. Topped off with golden buttons and a belt to make it more fitted, Wallenberg’s coat is quite the fashion statement. Underneath it, she wears a grey shirt-dress that slightly peeks out, black stockings, and teal ankle socks to keep her legs warm. Last but not least, she wears black ankle-booties, giving her a bit of a tomboy-chic look.

— Luisa Robledo

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