Cup o’ (Pro)Jo, 2/3/10

Because your day wouldn’t be complete without your Projo briefing, here are just a few of today’s stories that will hopefully sate your appetite — until tomorrow, of course.

The Rhode Island Science & Technology Council today awarded a grand total of $1.1 million to research teams across the state, and some of that money going to scientists from our very own beloved University.

Amendments have been proposed to create “compassion centers” where those prescribed medical marijuana can more easily get hold of it. Don’t worry, we know you’re a better person than to envy the chronically ill.

And the John Brown House Museum is looking forward to new renovations that include a new heating and air conditioning system. It will be the first time the building has ever had air conditioning, which will place it one step ahead of the typical Brown dorm room.

— Caitlin Trujillo

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