In Case You Missed It: Wild Animus

In case you missed Wild Animus (the “storytelling experiment that takes you inside the world of a young man, Ransom Altman, who transforms himself into a wild ram.”) being passed out on Thayer this weekend in front of the Brown Book store, we’ve got  your back with a recap of the highlights.

The package includes a novel, three CDs (featuring eye-caching track titles such as “tower of blood” and “dazzling dome”) and a letter from the storyteller Rich Shapero, with instructions for maximizing the experience.

The back of the box in which all these come warns the reader/listener/experiment subject “The sweetest kiss leaves a chest wound.” However it is unclear whether this constitutes a rather alarming metaphor for heartbreak or an indication that vampire books are so hot right now.

In case you’re skeptical about the literary merits of Animus, take note that it was very positively blurbed by both a world-class mountain climber and the owner of a gallery (and friends of Shapero, one might suspect). And keep in mind that he wrote the novel while “traversing 400 miles of mountainous terrain solo.”

Intrigued? You’ll find at least one free copy of Animus at The Herald’s offices at 195 Angell. Or you could go to and try to request a copy yourself. If you’re lucky Shapero will trek hundreds of miles to deliver you a copy himself. If so, be sure to get an autograph.

— Ben Schreckinger

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