Talk of the Brown: continental breakfast edition

There’s one thing that every self-respecting Brunonian has an opinion about, and that is the V-Dub. It doesn’t have Magic Bars, but it has fans, and now they have one more reason to swipe in — the V-dub’s offering continental breakfast from 9:30 to 11:00, bridging the gap between hot breakfast and lunch. After the jump, opinions on the extra meal.

(New Pembroke resident) John Qua ’13

I think that’s awesome. No one in college eats breakfast early anyways, so it’s a good thing — keeping it later. I think usually I wake up around like 11-ish, so now I will actually get breakfast.

Leslie Howitt ’12

It used to suck when you’d have 10 o’clock class – or even 10:30 class, like Tuesdays – and the (V-dub) would close at 9:30 and you’d have to go to breakfast at 9 for your 10:30 class. Much better. Except I live like two steps away from the Ratty, so it doesn’t affect me that much.

Greg Berman ’11

So I guess it’s good for people who wake up early and like are in the immediate vicinity of the V-Dub, but it’s not really going to affect my life. But I’m sure it’s good for those people who like cereal and bagels prior to 11 o’clock – I’m not one of them. But I feel happy for them.

Rahul Banerjee ’10

So I’ve only been to the V-Dub maybe like a dozen times in my life, but I definitely think it’s a good idea to have it. Because there’s no reason that the V-Dub shouldn’t be open the entire time, because I think that people do need it. … Most of the times I went to the V-Dub was when I had a class at BioMed from like 9 to 10:30 I think, and like there I can definitely see how – you know – 10:30 was a great time to have your breakfast where 9 o’clock was not, because I’m not awake then.

— Hannah Moser

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