Ask Gail: Super Bowl Edition

In search for some insight before the big game? Torn between which team to root for? Who better to ask then Brown’s sweetheart, Gail.

Before we get into the Super Bowl predictions, let’s learn more about the woman who’s smile is sweeter than the Ratty’s soft serve.

Gail, who has “always had animals,” is the proud owner of Penny, her small black and white cat.

“Although I have a boyfriend, she is much sweeter. She’s my world.”

AWW! We’re sure all you cat lovers out there can relate.

Now, back to the game. It’s the Colts versus the Saints. Gail, who normally roots for her Patriots, had some interesting insight on who should take home the trophy.

“I think the Colts are going to win because they are the better team. But, hopefully, the Saints should win because the Colts always beat the Patriots, so its a vendetta, kind of.”

There you have it! Now, go watch the game at the big screen in the Ratty. Gail will be there!

— Ana Alvarez

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