Prospect and Meeting: Brown’s New Dating Site

You may have seen their posters around campus: Prospect St. and Meeting St., they read. What they’re advertising is a new online dating service for Brown students.

The way it works, according to the site’s “About” section is as follows: you register for the site with your Brown email address. You are then prompted to input the names of up to 5 fellow students you are interested in romantically. Those people are then notified that someone has listed them on Prospect and Meeting, and are prompted to join the site to find out if they might have match. If someone you list has also listed you, you will both be notified! Unless that is the case, however, everything remains anonymous (phew.)
So don’t worry–your crush is never going to find out you listed them unless they list you back.

For more information, or to sign up and find out who’s been checking you out around campus, go to:

–Thea Aguiar

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