Cup o’ (Pro)Jo

Back in action after the Super Bowl, here are the day’s top local news stories.

CVS Caremark, which is headquartered in Woonsocket, posted an 11% boost in fourth quarter profits and a 7% increase in revenue.  No word yet on the role of a certain flagship store on Thayer St. in the recent good news for the company.

Today Providence lawyer and former state legislator, Thomas Pearlman, was sentenced to pay $1,500 in restitution and perform 10 hours of community service.  Pearlman is apparently guilty of fee-gouging, “providing incompetent counsel,” and being a graduate of a certain Massachusetts university that shall remain unnamed.

Rhode Island state police are proceeding with a corruption investigation of Central Falls Mayor Charles Moreau.  Moreau is accused of shady dealings, including installing a home furnace that was purchased by a campaign contributor.  Suggested punishment for Mr. Moreau if found guilty: spending some time in an unheated Brown dorm.

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