Cup o’ (Pro)Jo

A recent editorial advocating the decriminalization of marijuana cites unnecessary arrests and the need to conserve scarce tax dollars as support for a bill, currently in the General Assembly, making possession of less than an ounce of marijuana punishable with a fine.  In other news, denizens of Woolley Hall’s 2nd floor just become interested in Rhode Island politics.

Block Island students awoke to the unhappy realization that they, unlike their counterparts in Providence, would be having school today.  Good news for them: early dismissal at 11:30.  At least that’s more than Brown students can say.

With a winter storm approaching, a beer distributor has been forced to cancel deliveries for the day.  This may cause Wednesday night revelers to cry out in dismay, or as one commenter on the Projo website put it, “OMG!! This is getting SERIOUS!!”

—Claire Peracchio

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