Cup o’ (Pro)Jo

A Cranston native who entered his commercial in a Doritos Super Bowl contest didn’t see his work on TV this past Sunday. No matter, though, because Doritos is going to air his and other finalists’ commercials for the rest of the year in lieu of the company making their own.

A member of the Providence Board of Licenses wants make it illegal for nightclubs and other alcohol-serving establishments to allow people under 21 in. Sort of puts a damper on Fishkus’ inauguration.

The Rhode Island House of Representatives has a new House Speaker—Gordon D. Fox was elected today as the state’s first black and openly gay Speaker. He said in a speech that “change is absolutely necessary,” which is all fine and dandy, but we’re wondering how long it will take before someone declares Rhode Island’s House a “post-racial” (and post-sexual orientation?) body. (Disclaimer: we haven’t read the comments section yet.)

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