This post is about sex.

In in its coverage of Sex Week at Yale, the Yale Daily News released its findings on a study of sex life in the land of the bulldogs. Apparently, Yalies have been quite busy in the bedroom and at the party scene lately…who would’ve guessed that? The article reports that Yale’s students “don’t like to fail, and that goes for their sex lives, too.” 1,770 students answered the survey that found 90 percent of the campus’s students have made out at some point in college, “75.3 percent have engaged in oral sex with someone, and 64.3 percent have had sexual intercourse.”

The article, complete with large graphs and pie charts (is Yale trying to compensate for something?) couldn’t resist a jab at the good ol’ Crimson. The article cites a 2009 Harvard Crimson poll that “showed that the median Harvard senior has had one sexual partner by the end of his or her senior year.” The Daily News immediately follows that up with “by comparison, the median Yale student has had sexual intercourse with two partners, and oral sex with three partners.” Sure Yale, whatever you say.

Let’s not leave Brown out of this competition. In a nonscientific study conducted last April, a Brown student decided to find out the sexual habits of her fellow Brunonians. From her findings, it seems that Brown is slightly behind their Yale peers, but to be fair, the number of students surveyed was considerably less (for instance, only 160 women and 91 men answered how many times they had sexual intercourse). Whatever, at least we’re still America’s Happiest Students.

—Brian Mastroianni

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  1. It’s just like the old saying … we’re number two – we try harder! 🙂
    Actually they’re third according to US News and World Report but it sounds better with number two 🙂

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