Brown is the new black: Bohemian Rhapsody

Welcome to the latest installment of Brown is the new black, dedicated to spotlighting the most fashion-forward Brunonians we can find. This week Boho-chic!

Bohemian Rhapsody

Effortlessly put together, organized chaos – whatever you want to call it. This season wasn’t spared of those who are fashionable without either meaning to or wanting. They looked relaxed, but with an edge, scruffy but cool – they have it nailed down. Erin Claire ’12 is one of those people. She wears high-waist shorts and a thick shirt to go with them. She pairs ripped, patterned, taupe tights, a staple of hers with caramel ankle booties (boyish looking), and a brown sweatshirt over a grey one. To escape the cold, she wears knitted mittens that match perfectly with her hat, a knitted beret, and a thick beige scarf, as the perfect neck accessory. Each item on its own may not seem like much of a fashion piece, but the overall outfit, the mixing and matching, is genius.

— Luisa Robledo


  1. Lee

    she’s a genius, you didn’t know?

  2. Cheesesteak

    She’s dreamy.

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