In memory of Avi Schaefer ’13

The Herald is accepting submissions from friends, family and other loved ones for a memorial to Avi Schaefer ’13, who was struck by a car and died Friday morning. The Herald will publish all submissions on and print a selection in this week’s paper. Please send messages, photographs or artwork to

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  1. Ana Carolina Barry Laso

    May our prayers reach your ears,
    May our blessings reach your soul
    May your spirit be now free from his fears,
    May your words resound in our memories for long.

    Shall we hold your resemblance in our hearts
    Shall we keep it, along with your dreams and your smile
    Shall you remain forever, blue around the stars
    Shall you feel proud of the example left and instilled by your life.

    Every single gesture that you made meant something for the world,
    It will not be in vain, your steps will be followed and your message will prevail.

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