Ask Gail: V-Day Edition

On Valentine’s Day, one normally hopes to be eating dinner in a chic Thayer restaurant across from that significant other. But for the most of us, a good-ol dinn at the Ratty will suffice for the 14th. And let’s be honest, what’s sweeter—candies and cards or Gail’s smile? Exactly.

So what does Gail think of this Hallmark Holiday? Adorable? Overrated?

“I think [Valentine’s Day] gives you a reason to be a little whimsical and put a little ‘zing’ into your relationship.”

Gail, who thinks of Cupid’s Day as a “nice” holiday, appreciates flowers above all other Valentine’s Day gifts. But, Gail is not one to be preoccupied with how many flowers are lavished on her.

“It’s still about giving rather than receiving.”

So, next time you are alone on Valentine’s and wonder when Cupid’s arrow will strike your heart,keep Gail’s words in mind and shoot out an arrow yourself. A smile back to Gail is always a good start. Happy Valentine’s Day!

—Ana Alvarez

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