Cup o’ (Pro)Jo

Dude, check this out: a RISD grad is expanding his eco-friendly surfboard business right here in Providence! Totally the opposite of gnarly.

Assuming all things went according to plan, City Councilman Jim L. Lombardi announced his intent to run for mayor earlier today. Mayor Cicilline himself recently announced that he’ll be running for Patrick Kennedy’s Congressional spot. Also, state Rep. Peter Kilmartin is going to run for Attorney General, a position currently held Patrick C. Lynch who is running for governor. Kilmartin was the House majority whip under William J. Murphy when he was House Speaker, but as you know Gordon D. Fox has since replaced Murphy. Phew! It’s starting to look like a square dance in here, except with less country music and more… well actually, probably the same amount of donkeys.

Oh, and Providence is under a winter storm watch for Tuesday. We’re expected to get three to five inches, but after last week’s disappointment we’re not getting our hopes up. Which will naturally result in the region’s worst blizzard in years. Hey, it’ll probably be a win for somebody.

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