Brown Is the New Black: Classic Fit

Here comes the latest installment of Brown Is the New Blac, BlogDailyHerald’s look at College Hill’s cutest looks and newest trends. This week: prep’s cool (GET IT?)

Ralph Lauren coined the preppy style with his polo shirts and clean-cut blazers. Forty years later, that casually cool, all-American look is still present. Inspired by country clubs and perfectly groomed crowds, brands like J. Crew, Lacoste and Abercrombie & Fitch continue to keep the style alive and almost timeless. Hadley Schreiber ’12, who wears a fitted navy blue coat with golden buttons, skinny jeans and classic black riding boots, inherently embodies a look that alludes to Diana Vreeland’s high school days. Schreiber also wears a light pink ruffled shirt that slightly peeks out of her coat – a combination that could easily qualify as part of J. Crew’s winter collection. To top of her outfit, she wears her hair straight, perfectly poised above her shoulders. Timeless look.

—Luisa Robledo

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