The same ten questions we always ask: Norman Boucher, Brown Alumni Magazine

Name: Norman Boucher

Age: Mentally or physically? They’re really, really out of synch.

Occupation: Editor and Publisher, Brown Alumni Magazine

What’s your job description, in one sentence? To fund and edit a magazine that’s so good alums actually spend time reading it.

What’s the best part of your job? Having the BDH think I matter enough that anyone cares how I answer these questions.

The worst? Usually being the dumbest person in the room. In fact, like most journalists I originally chose my profession so I wouldn’t look so bad asking the stupid, nosy questions that come naturally to me.

After the jump: Boucher’s ringtone, his lunch and his opinion of Brown students.

How long have you lived in Providence? It’s a pleasure I have yet to experience.

What’s your ringtone? My phone’s on vibrate.

Your homepage? (I don’t actually have a life.)

What newspapers and magazines do you subscribe to? Online, I subscribe to any magazine I can read for free. Among the print ones are the Boston Globe, the New York Times, the Chronicle of Higher Education, the New Yorker, the Talon (my daughter’s high school newspaper), Fast Company, Vanity Fair, Popular Woodworking (it’s a long story), Teen Vogue (okay, technically it’s my daughter’s subscription), Marie Claire (ditto), Reader’s Digest (what can I say? It’s a gift from my dad every year.)

Nice Slice or Antonio’s? Lunch is a turkey sandwich on 12-grain bread with Dijon mustard, lettuce, and a sprinkling of pepper. Eaten at my desk. Every day. Help me.

Blue State or Starbucks? Blue Room. Love Buzz. I find the name irresistible.

Which three words would you use to describe Brown students? Gracious (sometimes they actually laugh at my jokes), candid (sometimes they actually answer my stupid, nosy questions), and really, really young.

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  1. BearAttack

    *hug* It’ll be ok Norman, Bruno’s here to make it all better.

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