Blorgchiving: even more fun than usual

The long weekend gave you two extra days to party — but Blorgchiving gives you years of partying history.

1985 — From the headline “Frosh Male in Drag Attracts Attention at Delta Phi Bash” and the front-page placement, you can tell this story wasn’t written anytime recently. Stefan Rice ’89 couldn’t make it into DPhi as a man on ladies’ night, so he got advice on mascara and walking like a woman from his friend — and platform shoes from “a girl with really big feet down the hall.” Rice was apparently a hit with the brothers, judging from the president’s insistence that no members of his fraternity hit on Rice and they could all tell he was a man. “Most guys wait for rush,” the president told The Herald. As for Rice, he didn’t just walk the walk in getting in touch with his feminine side. “I don’t know how they do it,” he said. “When I left, my bra itched, my feet hurt, and my ears hurt from the earrings.”

After the jump: an authoritarian crackdown and a hero’s response!

1963 — In case the words “Keeney” and “fun” weren’t already permanently estranged from each other in your mind, President Barnaby “Buzzkill” Keeney canceled all social functions after a Thursday night riot that landed several students in jail for disorderly conduct. Students at other schools also rioted, but The Herald deemed their efforts lamer than our own. The “most feeble attempt of the week” was a Harvard panty raid which ended with only one pair of panties seized — and that belonging to the rioters. For real.

1985 again — Last, a diamond to these Young-O seniors who stood up against “a modern-day Prohibition” by brewing their own beer. A sympathetic diamond to the New Dormers who tried the same thing two decades later and got nabbed.

1986 — Bumping in the night? Horizontal activities? Who wouldn’t want to go?

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