Cup o’ (Pro)Jo

Central Falls has gone through with its promise to fire its 93 high school teachers, specialists and staff members. Many students and union members are outraged, while Secretary of Education Arne Duncan gave his support to the education officials.

According to a poll conducted by Brown, General Treasurer Frank Caprio is currently beating Attorney General Patrick Lynch in the governor primary on the Democrats’ side, but independent candidate Lincoln Chafee is possibly proving that voters are fed up with the two major political parties: he fared the best when the poll asked about the general election.

Hey, weather? Think you could cut it out with all the advisories and weather watches and stuff? We know you didn’t really deliver on the whole “blizzard of the century” thing, but now that we’re under a flood watch until Friday and our socks are soaked through, we really don’t think you need to feel obligated to make it up to us.

But hey, since you’re not likely to be all that interested in the weather — and if you are, it’s probably because it’s driving you nuts — note instead that the State Health Department is moving forward with the medical marijuana compassion centers, even if that just means they’re looking at all their submissions on the issue and will decide what to do next week. Ah, compassion and cannabis—you can’t stay mad for long with that in mind.

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