Two alums involved in Brooklyn hit-and-run accident

UPDATE: Erinn Phelan ’09 and Alma Guerrero ’09 MD’13 were struck by a car and seriously injured in a hit-and-run accident in Brooklyn at 4:30 Sunday morning. Phelan pushed Guerrero out of the way of the car, Alma’s father Fidel Guerrero P’09 told the New York Daily News, and is currently in critical condition. Guerrero is stable, with non-life-threatening injuries, said Lt. John Grimpel of the New York Police Department. For more information, see the full story on The original post is below.

Erinn Phelan ’09 and Alma Guerrero ’09 MD’13 were crossing the street early Sunday morning in Brooklyn when a car slammed into them, leaving Guerrero injured and Phelan in critical condition.

As of midday Monday, the car had been identified and found, but the driver was still missing, according to multiple news reports.

Guerrero, who is currently studying at Alpert Medical School, was in New York visiting her former roommate for the weekend.

Phelan moved to New York after graduating in May to work for NYC Civic Corps, a program started by Mayor Michael Bloomberg to promote volunteerism.

While at Brown, she worked with the Careers for the Common Good initiative in the Career Development Center. She told The Herald last spring that current economic conditions “liberated” her from the pressures of finding a traditional job after college. “As long as you do something you learn from and are passionate about, that’s enough. It’s a very freeing idea.”

As an undergrad, Phelan was as a member of the Undergraduate Finance Board, worked on the Undergraduate Council of Students and served as UCS’s liaison to the Corporation. Additionally, she served as a student representative on the Committee on the Residential Experience and participated in Mock Trial.

Shortly before graduating, she updated her Facebook profile to reflect how she felt about her time at Brown, the New York Times reported.

“I wrote my ‘Tell us more about yourself’ essay on the Brown app about my siblings. I showed it to my high school English teacher and she said that I didn’t answer the question. I ignored her suggestion to change the focus to myself, and now I go to Brown.”

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