Corporation weekend: not these guys, either

Pictured: Grad Center, the site of famous weed-and-fireworks parties. Kim Perley / Herald

The Corporation convening on College Hill this weekend is not, for better or for worse, the same as the “Corporation” with 400 customers which sold pot, hashish and acid on campus in the early 1970s.

Details of this Corporation’s operations were printed in a disdainful-quotation-mark-filled May 1971 Providence Journal article based on an interview with a student who identified himself as the group’s president. The prez told tales of wild “pot parties” with 400 people and fireworks on the Grad Center terrace, chemistry PhDs inspecting their supplies, and marijuana sold at $15 an ounce — yeah, right, and hamburgers for a nickel!

The unabashed leader of the University’s “highest” governing body told the Journal his merry band was dissolving after two years because they were all graduating. “I’ve even vacuumed my room several times,” he said. Still, he had no regrets about his enterprise or his middling profits due to giving away free samples: “We should have made more than $20,000, but it was more fun this way,” the anonymous dealer said.

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