Corporation weekend: OK, these guys

Thomas Tisch ’76, chancellor of the Corporation

We’ve already told you about two groups going by the name Brown Corporation that aren’t the Corporation. Helpful, we know, but who are the ladies and gents who will actually descend on campus this weekend?

The Corporation, Brown’s highest governing body, comprises two groups, the trustees and fellows. It meets three times a year, and at the February meeting (this one!) it sets the budget and tuition for the upcoming year.

At this weekend’s convention, there will be fancy dinners, but the Corporation has more than filet mignon on its plate. The group will hear the recommendations of President Ruth Simmons to balance the University’s budget. Simmons received recommendations earlier this month from the Organizational Review Committee, charged with finding ways to cut expenditures and increase revenue. Its recommendations included such possible methods for cost-cutting as layoffs and cutting some varsity sports, but everything depends on what actions the Corporation takes this week. See Friday’s Herald for a full preview of this weekend’s meeting.

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