What to do tonight: 2/25

Janus Lecture: Religion in Public Life

4:00-6:00 P.M., Salomon 101

The Janus Forum’s involvement pretty much guarantees an interesting and lively conversation. Mark Lilla from Columbia University and Jose Casanova of Georgetown University will be speaking. A bona fide Casanova speaking about the role of religion in public life? Sounds just intriguing enough to work.

SPECtaculaire Paris

8:00-10:00 P.M., Sayles Hall

A mysterious entry for tonight. What exactly is SPECtaculaire Paris? Who is hosting this cryptic event? What will happen there? I’m picturing a lot of black and white striped shirts, berets, and baguettes, but that’s pure speculation. Here are the facts: if you go to Sayles Hall tonight, there will be a chocolate fountain, cheese fondue, pastries & fresh crepes. They had me at chocolate fountain.

A Thousand Voices

8:00-11:55 P.M., Production Workshop Upspace

Brown’s Listening LabOratory invites you to “listen and wander through” tonight, the first of three performance events that “aim to transform the listeners into performers within the community of voices.” Sounds like the perfect thing for a rainy Providence night, but do yourself a favor and SafeRide it.

— Anne Speyer

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