Brown’s Bedroom Bandit

Starting to get those first-round-of-midterms blues? Foucault and Saussure got you down?

BlogDailyHerald’s got the medicine to pick you right back up again. Enter “The Bedroom Bandit,” the latest literary exploit of Richard Jeanty (“Author of Sexual Exploits of A Nympho I & II,” according to the novel’s cover).

“But what,” you ask “separates this from all the other erotic literature I have read?”

Well, you may or may not be surprised to learn that the eponymous character, the feisty Bandit himself, attends Brown on scholarship by day. His first-year dorm: Bronson (so it’s true what they say: Keeney is for lovers).

While you may be halfway up and out of your seat already on the way to the bookstore, the cover disclaims, “WARNING: Highly Addictive Reading Material,” so handle with care.

How long can the Bandit keep up his philandering with the housewives of Bingham Lane? And what do chapters such as “There is a God,” hold in store? Keep your eyes peeled for the full review in Post-‘s literary section in coming weeks to find out…

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