Cup o’ (Pro)Jo

President Obama cited the massive teacher firing at Rhode Island’s Central Falls High School in a speech at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce yesterday.  The decision to fire all Central Falls teachers has attracted controversy since its announcement, and the Obama administration has pointed to it as an example of a tough but necessary approach to fixing the nation’s education system.

A bill to prevent minors from incurring child pornography charges for “sexting” could be voted on in the General Assembly this week.  Under current law, minors who send obscene texts or videos could be subject to child pornography charges that could land them a lifelong place on the sex offender registry.

Like birds singing and warmer weather, potholes are a sign that spring has come to Providence.  The city has already deployed 32 tons of pothole filler to fix some of the worst areas, but that hasn’t stopped people from complaining about the nasty craters.  Sage advice for drivers from one Providence resident: “make sure you don’t have dentures.”

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