The same ten questions we always ask: Dietitian Gina Guiducci

Name: Gina Guiducci

Age: 30

Occupation: Registered Dietitian

What’s your job description, in one sentence? Menu planning and development; being a resource to students, especially those with food allergies; supporting efforts in regards to local food movement and sustainability, and much, much more!

What’s the best part of your job? Helping students and learning from students. Each day is new and exciting!

The worst? Sometimes a day just isn’t long enough and I am always wishing I could do more.

How long have you lived in Providence? 3 years, however, while I didn’t grow up in Providence, I went to MB.

What’s your ringtone? Crickets

Your homepage? Google at home, Brown U at work

What newspapers and magazines do you subscribe to? Today’s Dietitian, Runner’s World, Vegetarian Times, Nutrition Action Health Letter

Nice Slice or Antonio’s? I don’t think I’ve had either – don’t laugh!

Blue State or Starbucks? Not a coffee drinker. I like tea and enjoy a nice warm cup at home on a cold morning (iced tea in the summer).

Which three words would you use to describe Brown students? Engaged, resourceful, mindful.

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