Location: Stuart Theater, 77 Waterman

LULU follows the rise and fall of one dangerous and doomed creature: the sexually educated but passive woman who will go by any name her lovers wish to call her. From presiding over high society Parisian balls to selling herself in London basement rooms, Lulu ruins those around her, and is ruined, for love. Donald Lyons called LULU a “symphony – or rather a cacophony – of deotic sexual rhetorics….among the supreme masterpieces of nineteenth-century theatre.” Director Spencer Golub calls LULU “very nasty.”  An Eyes Wide Shut for an earlier century’s turn, LULU is a sex tragedy – or comedy – about how basic need and desire are made base by social convention, bourgeois morality and the fantasy life of the mind. Smart, dark, beautiful, twisted, tragic, haunting – you will not forget LULU, or Lulu. For tickets, visit:

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