Cup o’ (Pro)Jo 3/9

In the wake of a drug bust in the Providence Police Department, Mayor Cicilline announced random drug testing for police officers and a new assessment of how the narcotics unit functions and how officers rotating within the department are supervised.  The PPD has been battling image issues recently as three of its officers were charged with peddling drugs and two others, including Detective Robert DeCarlo, with police brutality.

Providence schools Supt. Tom Brady announced a plan to reform four of its worst schools through cooperation with the teachers union.  The proposal would involve leaders of the teachers union and school officials meeting to formulate changes for each of the schools.

A bank robbery investigation took a turn for the bizarre when a plumber discovered stolen $10 bills and a circuit board clogging a toilet at LaQuinta Inn in Warwick.  The hotel staff heroism didn’t end there–a housekeeper later helped cops nab a suspect who was hiding behind an ice machine.

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