You’re invited to a St. Patrick’s Day party at the Sci Li!

If you’re still trying to nail down your plans for next Wednesday’s drunken celebration of Irish culture, look no further.

This morning, Brown students who actually read Morning Mail woke up to an invitation from WiSE (Women in Science and Engineering) and MathWiSE to the St. Patrick’s Day Sci Li Challenge, their evening of “good ol’ St Patrick’s Day fun.”

Anyone familiar with Brown traditions knows what the Sci Li Challenge is, and it’s probably not quite what WiSE is advertising with their “hunt for treasure (well, sort of)” (although the meaning of “sort of” is very ambiguous). They should realize it’s dangerous to throw that term around lightly, especially when it’s linked to St. Patrick’s Day!

Did the organizers choose this name on purpose? If so, it’s a brilliant strategy to get a large turnout at their event, if they’re willing to be used as a pre-gaming stop before FishCo.

If, for some reason, WiSE’s event doesn’t turn out to be what you hoped, here are some ideas to help salvage the night. In case food coloring isn’t really your scene,  here is Esquire’s classier take on themed drinks.

Please celebrate responsibly.

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