Listicle: Our favorite Snoop Dogg covers

In case we haven’t made it abundantly clear just how excited we here at Blog Daily Herald are about this year’s Spring Weekend lineup, we’ll be featuring various tidbits, musings and other exclamation-pointed nonsense in this space in the weeks leading up to the event. First up: apparently there’s a whole cottage industry devoted to people doing bizarre covers of songs by Saturday headliner Snoop Dogg, often in their living rooms. After the jump, we’ve plumbed the depths for of YouTube for our favorites:

5. Two guys do a violin-inflected take on Murder Was the Case:

4. British electro-popsters Hot Chip take on Sensual Seduction:

3. A crew of guys aptly billing themselves as “3 drunk white guys” do an utterly arhythmic, completely hilarious rendition of Gin n’ Juice:

2. Some rando with a webcam does a surprsingly good acoustic version of Sensual Seduction:

1. Alt-bluegrass outfit The Gourds covers Gin n’ Juice; hilarity ensues.

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