Cup o’ (Pro)Jo

Former lawyer James Cook was convicted yesterday on all 22 charges against him, including twelve counts of sexual assault and one count of an “abominable or detestable crime against nature” — in this case, bestiality.

Rhode Island House representative Douglas W. Gablinske has proposed a bill that would penalize not wearing a seat belt beyond its current status as a secondary offense. Currently, police officers can only cite people for failing to buckle up if they were pulled over for something else. The bill the bill becomes law, not wearing a seat belt will move from a secondary to a primary offense.

Did you know that there’s a “Best Bagger of Rhode Island” event where contestants compete to bag supermarket goods? Did you know that the winner goes on to Las Vegas to compete in the national bagging championships? And did you know that you can get a taste of extreme bagging right here? Check it out!

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