Morning Mail Fail: $ edition

Today’s Morning Mail invited students to participate in $ocialClassmates, an informal forum to discuss issues of socioeconomic class at Brown.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who immediately thought of Ke$ha. After all, who else would replace random ‘s’s with dollar signs?

Can Ke$ha be relevant to an intelligent discussion about socioeconomic issues? She may not have no money in her pocket, but at least she’s got plenty of beer. Actually, a little Wikipedia-ing reveals that Ke$ha’s single mother struggled to support herself and her children and had to rely on welfare to get by. Maybe Ke$ha would be a valuable participant in this discussion.

The event, sponsored by an Identity and Cross-Cultural Engagement GISP and Office of Student Life, wants to be a safe space for self-exploration, according to Morning Mail.

I just hope they don’t fight ’til they see the sunlight. Don’t want the Bro-Po to shut them down.

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  1. Curren$y… and Nipsey Hu$$le

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