What to do tonight: 3/13

World Cultural Dinner
Andrews Hall
Yes, the $10 entrance fee seems a little steep, but consider this: if you went to dinner at most of the places on Thayer, you’d probably end up spending at least that, and the food wouldn’t be as good. You also wouldn’t get to see Amira Belly Dance Company (YES!), The Chattertocks, Mezcla, Shades of Brown, and Brown Lion Dance. Unless they were all there having dinner too or something. But that’d be pretty weird, cause they’ll all be at BRIO’s fabulous dinner!

Sights & Sounds
List 120
They’re billing this one as “an eclectic performance show.” Basically, that means that a lot of the random, cool groups that we’ve come to know and love on campus are going to be there, doing their respective things. Expect appearances from the Jabberwocks, ImPulse, WORD! & the Ursa Minors. Proceeds are going to a very good cause — Brown Science Prep which works with Providence public high schoolers — and it looks like a great way to start off your night!

Sayles Hall
I’m pretty sure there’s nothing I could say that would add to what you already get from the name of this event. It will be an EPIC DRUM SHOW. EPIC!!!!!

The Lost City
Machado Spanish House / 87 Prospect Street
$3 door, $1 drinks
I feel like “Lost City” is probably a reference to how many people will get lost trying to find this party and start their own party someplace else. However, for those of you that make it, Machado House parties have been really solid this year, and this one looks like another solid bet!


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