Blorgchiving: Spring Weekend tidbits

Sure, Spring Weekend is fun, but whatever happened to Winter Weekend? Here are some historical tidbits on vernal festivities, and stay tuned to The Herald and Post- magazine for more Spring Weekend coverage.

1971 — Cordozar Calvin Broadus, later known as Snoop Doggy Dogg, later still known as Snoop Dogg, is born in California.

1974 — The Student Union Concert Agency secures “Dylanesque folk singer Bruce Springstein” as a performer, promising that Springsteen and other performers won’t offer any “superlative supershow stuff.”

1985 — In a Spring Weekend column, David Dornstein implores readers to remember “Nerds Are People Too.” “For every individual who has a riotously good time drinking and lovemaking and gyrating,” he writes, “there must be someone . . . fretting and researching and crying under a tree.” Or, you can save time by doing your lovemaking and crying under the same tree!

1987 — The erstwhile sister to Spring Weekend, Winter Weekend, is cancelled by the UFB, which declares it won’t be missed. For a hint at the festivities once associated with Winter Weekend, we direct your attention to the following historical document, which we think is pretty clear:

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  1. First of all, David Dornstein was a damn good writer. He and I were BDH columnists at the same time. Sadly, David was one of the lives lost when Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed over Lockerbee, Scotland.

    Second of all, I once was stuck in my dorm room in Wriston Quad, working on a paper, while REM was playing the Spring Weekend concert 8-10 blocks away, on Pembroke Field. It was loud enough that the music came through my window. That TOTALLY sucked. Made me wish I wasn’t such a procrastinator…

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