Morning Mail Fail: Harvard edition

If anything in today’s Morning Mail struck an odd tone, it was Arthur (sadly not the aardvark)’s message about GISPs.

The announcement about a GISP information session tries to spur students into action by poking at their eternal weakness: Harvard antipathy. The joke reads,

“Want to design your class? Write your own SYLLABUS, choose your own CLASSMATES, and PROFESSOR?
Then you should’ve gone to Harvard.
Didn’t get in?
Well take advantage of what Brown has to offer.”

Whoa, Arthur. Little hasty to imply that we didn’t get into Harvard, isn’t it? You know, I just chose not to apply there ’cause it obviously sucks. And I know a ton of people who got into Harvard and turned it down for Brown!

Okay, well more like one or two, but still. Students shouldn’t have to wake up to an insult to their ability to get into Ivy League schools. It’s just not right!

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  1. Come on now, I think this post is unfair and misses the point. In fact, Arthur starts out assuming that whoever’s reading got into Harvard (which is supposed to rub the ego of the audience?–I’m not sure I care), and then goes on to consider those who didn’t get into Harvard.

    As the coordinator of many GISPs and ISPs, I know and utilize the open curriculum and resources of the Brown CRC as much as I can–it’s the quintessential Brown spirit. These are the reasons why I didn’t even apply to Harvard. Who cares if you did or didn’t get into Harvard? The joke (and point) is that Harvard students don’t have the kinds of educational freedom we have in the form of GISPs and the open curriculum. That’s why, if freedom is your fancy, it’s better to be a Brown student. I don’t doubt you could get into Harvard, the question is why would you want to?

    This random word confirmation is too high brow for me. The code is “enjoy Truffaut”. Why isn’t it “manual labor”? Now that I can appreciate from my keyboard.

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