Patrick Kennedy: Comedy Central superstar

If Stephen Colbert ever winds up in a fight, he wants R.I. Congressman Patrick Kennedy on his side.  It seems C-SPAN just can’t contain Kennedy, who has appeared on both The Colbert Report and The Daily Show this week.

On Monday night’s Colbert report, Kennedy’s infamous outburst on the floor of the House was featured during a segment on Afghanistan.

An agitated Kennedy was shown waving his arms and exclaiming a high-pitched “And no press!” regarding the relative lack of coverage of the war in Afghanistan compared to the Eric Massa scandal.

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And on Tuesday’s The Daily Show, Kennedy appeared in a clip on the Catholic Church allowing an accused pedophile and friend of the pope to go free while Patrick Kennedy was barred from taking communion in Providence for supporting abortion rights.

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But don’t think Kennedy didn’t expect all the hullaballoo.  He told the San Francisco Examiner that the goal of his tirade was to surmount the cynical view that Washington is out of touch with the frustration of regular people.

“That’s what I was driving at,” Kennedy said. “And unfortunately, nothing like that ever gets covered unless you ratchet it up a little bit.”

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