Professor James Morone’s Famous Civil Rights Lecture

Well, Thursday was Professor James Morone’s famous civil rights lecture. Lots of applause, lots of emotions. Let’s hear some feedback from it!
Strong praise from Spotted at Brown:

I spotted you … Prof. Morone in POLS0220 giving the best lecture I’ve ever been a part of. Thank god I didn’t skip class today
(Good thing for the warning on Tuesday’s test not to skip class on Thursday!)
And also from Spotted at Brown:

I spotted you … talking about Morone’s City Politics civil rights lecture as if you hadn’t been aware of the existence of racism and institutionalized discrimination in America. Puh-leeze. Why do people cry when they hear that lecture? It is because they realize how blind they’ve been? Now, are you going to go out and do something about what you’ve learned? I hope so, but doubt it.

Dakota Gruener, a TA who took the class, said of sitting through the lecture a second time:

If anything, it was better because I could appreciate the power of his narrative without trying to scribble down notes. It’s one of those lectures that leaves students a bit uncomfortable, a bit breathless, and eager to change the world (which, despite the cliche, our generation probably needs to be reminded to do).

And for some comparison, a junior environmental studies concentrator who took the class in spring 2008 said:

i think it is def all it’s cracked up to be. i cried. although i’m a big baby so that may mean nothing. although, i don’t know if it was necessarily heads and shoulders above all his other speeches– every day in class was cinematic. he is just incredible all the time

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