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In an attempt to start anew, Gawker is holding a vote on what the new word for “hipster” should be. As this is an issue affecting all Brown students, it’s important that you have an chance to cast your option of choice.

Here are the contenders:


Plus: Was the most popular option, winning 25% of the vote. Sounds pretty.
Minus: Does it really describe hipsters, in particular? Also: Due to our nominal “douche” ban, we might have to enforce its use only in shortened “Schwazzie” form.

Plus: Really rolls off the tongue (sexxxily).
Minus: Is it mean enough?

Plus: Cleverly references PBR.
Minus: Takes extraordinarily exact pronunciation to distinguish it from a more all-purpose slur.

Probos (professional hobos)
Plus: Pithy; easy to say; might actually catch on.
Minus: What percentage of hipsters are professionals?

Plus: Deliciously zingy.
Minus: Might offend sluts.

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  1. bruno

    I’m really happy for you and your re-blogging blogs thing, and Imma let you finish, but how bout the BDH not let the ProJo and Prov. Business News be the first ones to tell me about 60 Brown-employee layoffs (http://newsblog.projo.com/2010/03/brown-to-lay-off-60.html). Ya feel me?

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