‘The Wet Spots’ — Sex Week at Brown Finale

Friday night closed 2010’s Sex Week at Brown with a performance by ‘The Wet Spots’–a self proclaimed bisexual, polygamist, husband and wife duo who sing about, well, sex. Their performance was quite funny, filled with laughter, uncomfortable moments, and even some audience participation (we’ll leave that one up to your imagination.)

In case you missed it, here’s a link to the duo’s website where you can see videos and more: http://www.wetspotsmusic.net/

Also of note, while it’s true that Sex Week at Brown featured performances like this one, as it’s organizer pointed out in her introduction for the evening, it also provided a forum for discussions about safe sex, sexual harassment, and sexuality in many different arenas–not just seemingly ‘out-there’ events like this one.

We look forward to Sex Week at Brown 2011!

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  1. In the interest of clarity I would like to point out that the Wet Spots are not polygamist. Polygamy refers exclusively to the practice of one man marrying multiple wives. Institutionalized polygamy has rightly been criticized as a patriarchal practice.

    The Wet Spots are polyamorous. Polyamory is a clunky, wide-ranging term which refers to all manner of non-monogamous relationships. It is an inclusive, queer-positive, nonpatriarchal practice. “Playing the field” is polyamorous, as is an open relationship, as is a committed, exclusive partnership between more than two people of any gender combination. Two great books on the subject are “The Ethical Slut” and “Opening Up”.

    There ya go. A little discussion & information from your “out-there” entertainer. 🙂

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