Lamenting the Loss of Liquid

Empty liquidLiquid Lounge, that other venerable Angell Street institution, is closing its doors for good this month. It will be replaced by the English Cellar Alehouse, a traditional English pub.

The University has yet to announce an official period of mourning, but Brown students will surely lament the loss of the 13-year-old watering hole for many a weekend (as well as Thursday, Wednesday and even Tuesday?!) to come.

Nor have the anger, shame and disappointment been confined to our College Hill. “This is really upsetting,” Joanna, a Providence College sophomore, told BlogDailyHerald. “We’re all really mad here.”

Joanna, who called the concept of an English pub “very boring,” said she and her friends will always remember Liquid as their venue of choice for meeting Brown students.

The pub, which plans to offer an extensive selection of English and European liquors, will serve classic English “cuisine” for both lunch and dinner.

Perhaps this offers aggrieved Brown and PC students the possibility of a compromise. The English pub thing is all well and good after dark, but the bar’s management should at least let our thirsty student bodies have their Liquid lunch.


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