“Midd Kid” Vid: Stereotypes? Maybe. Addictive? Hell yeah.

While some of us have spent the last few days enamored by Out of Bounds’ ode to the SciLi, our northern neighbors have shown us up with a seriously professional and delightfully addicting video about their own campus culture.

Since late February, Middlebury kids have been rocking out to the viral anthem celebrating campus stereotypes. “Midd Kid” applauds plaid, flannel, lax bros, Nalgenes, granola and Vermont cheddar, all to the tune of the catchiest song you’ve ever heard.

The video incited some controversy for its depiction of the campus as a party school — though it did pay homage to the campus Quidditch league and “lib”in it up.

The video has spread to the rest of the college scene, infecting productivity in libraries throughout the northeast. As one Bates student wrote:

The past few weeks have found me inhabiting a cubicle on the third floor of Ladd Library, with a dripping coffee mug in hand and headphones plugged in, oblivious to anything but the screen in front of me. Thesis, you may guess. But under this guise of productivity, I am really just watching the “Midd Kid” music video on YouTube over, and over, and over again.

Watch it on repeat. Learn the words. You won’t regret it.

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